Monday, February 20, 2012

Fairfax, sail away in peace--

Mid-ocean, thought lost, and talking ardently to the planet Venus: so much to astonish! What a creature is man... Go here.


  1. Interesting. Sounds like the subject for a long poem.

  2. He is definitely quite the subject...

  3. What an amazing adventurer, in the truest sense. I clicked on the link and read it and was utterly captivated with the tale of his life. I don’t recall hearing of him during his heyday, but I was probably involved with my own youthful adventures.

    I admired what he expressed about not wanting to simply sail, as it’s not the challenge that rowing is. My goodness, though, rowing in the world’s largest oceans! Simply astonishing to even conceive.

    That he was able to achieve such a feat twice certainly attests to the power of the human spirit—how much can be accomplished by those who exhibit the appropriate mindset and are determined to see a thing through.

    Also, the obit, the writing, I mean, was thoughtfully crafted. It seemed to really capture the subject’s essence, didn’t it?

    Just glorious all around. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  4. Elsa Louise,

    It's very tempting to get the books, isn't it? Although I'd like a good biography, this little version of his life was, yes, captivating.

    (However, now I'm wanting to know your "own youthful adventures!")

  5. Yes, how compelling must be the account. I too would like to read more of the voyage(s).

    Ah, my own adventures certainly could never compare with theirs! Yet mine they were and thus remain dear to me.


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