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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Collaborations with artists, 2012

A foliate head by Clive Hicks-Jenkins...

With painter Clive Hicks-Jenkins and designer Andrew Wakelin of Wales:

Clive is giving me three foliate heads for division pages and painting a head for the cover of The Foliate Head (UK: Stanza Press), and Andrew will be working with us on book design.

With painter Graham Ward of England:

I'm writing poems for Graham's opening in June--and having lots of fun doing so and getting first peek at his new paintings.

With the English-born transplant to Ohio, composer-and-much-more Paul Digby, and his wife, painter Lynn Digby:

We'll be doing what appears to be a fairly ambitious collaborative project, but right now it's barely getting started. More on that one later. This one is a sort of outgrowth of Paul's curation, music composition, and paintings joined with work by Lynn Digby and four other painters in "Into the Light" at Anderson Creative (November, 2011)--at least, doing such a large collaborative project seems to have fired the desire to do another.

Also with Paul Digby:
Paul is going to be matching more of my poems with music and film. Five are already up at youtube.  Rather saintly of him, I think!


  1. Yes! I wish I could cultivate such a group!

  2. Your Kingdom of creative collaborations appears to be quite united, Marly!

    This is going to be a fascinating time for us all. That much I know!

    May 2012 bring wonderful creations!

  3. Laura,

    Don't know quite how it all happened, but it shall be fun!

  4. Robbi,

    I can't give you any advice on that one. It all just sort of magically happened...

  5. Paul,

    Trala, we are going to have a good time!

  6. Count me in, if services needed. (:--P)

  7. Hi Albert--

    I'd say to you and Robbi that I didn't plan any of this, so you never know--some unexpected project may tumble into your lap at any moment... Just be open to other people, and some day somebody will be looking for a writer.

  8. Juliet,

    I am looking forward to my dance card, definitely!

  9. Very exciting indeed... must be the Marly magic at work!

  10. Hello Marly. I'm back home again and can leave comments here. (Although I was able to access my favourite blogs via a borrowed laptop while I was away, I couldn't comment because the systems didn't seem to allow me to do so.)

    A busy time ahead for us. Exciting. I'm glad to be home so that I can get down to things!

  11. Clive,

    Yes, busy! And I can't wait to see the cover and also the stained glass and much more...

  12. marja-leena,

    Thank you for attributing magic to me! One of my goals in writing is to strive for a sense of the effortless--I love an impression of offhanded elegance. (Of course, you know such things take a lot of work, but I still aspire to that feeling, which does seem a bit like magic when I see it in others. Like you!)


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