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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Current Digby videos of my poems + news

In Extremis from The Throne of Psyche: film and music by Paul Digby

The Exile's Track from The Throne of Psyche: film and music by Paul Digby

The Nesting Doll from The Throne of Psyche:  film and music by Paul Digby

A Fire in Ice from The Throne of Psyche:  film and soundscape by Paul Digby

The Birthday Roses from the manuscript of fall 2010, The Book of the Red King:  film and music by Paul Digby

Next up:  some videos for The Foliate Head (UK: Stanza Press, forthcoming) and The Book of the Red King (to be submitted this year.) We already have the three division pages for The Foliate Head, and Clive Hicks-Jenkins is working on the cover... And I am doing final scrubs on the 140+ poems of The Book of the Red King. I have cut some but imagine it will run about 145 poems in all.

The Lydian Stones will be back next week--I'm waiting until after Twelfth Night!


  1. Wow! You have been busy (and so has Paul). I shall look forward to viewing and listening to these again; they are wonderful pieces. Excited to hear about your other books, too! 140+ poems? Astounding.--Julie

  2. Julie,

    Thanks--and most of all thanks to Paul!

    I do sometimes get sluices of poems, and that was the biggest one ever. I think they were closer to my heart. Anyway, they came out fast, and that was wonderful.

  3. Those were and are amazing poems, and I look forward to their release!

  4. Robbi,

    Red King? Yes, they were funfunfun and sometimes thrilling.

    Paul was just telling my painter friend Yolanda on fb that he was glad she heard silvery music in the background to "A Fire in Ice" because he modulated the voices. so now I am thinking once again that it would be nice to have him explain what he does because he certainly is not your average video-maker... I don't think I always appreciate exactly what he does.

    Except in the grateful sense, of course!

  5. Marly, I simply placed an echo to the background sounds and then tuned the echoes to the modulations of your own voice.
    This way, the sounds do not conflict but seem to somehow 'reflect' the sound of your own modulations!

    The Red King poems are just incredible.
    You have CULLED?
    Ok... but we're all watching you, you know!

  6. Paul,

    These things are interesting to the ignoramus (me.) Be fun to have composer notes on them all!

    I haven't culled much--mostly oddities (like a Fool ABC) and ones that weren't large enough in a metaphysical sense. Actually I think I have only cut two so far.

    So far.


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