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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What would happen? Quote of the Day.

Morning Light Cruise Ship
Courtesy of and Christopher Glase
of Aberdeen, Maryland, US.
Discussing the state of civilization over a leisurely breakfast--particularly children, pregnant women, and the elderly on the Costa Concordia, cracks on the People of Walmart website, the latest romance from the Occupy movement--a teen and a level 3 sex offender--sweet redemption no doubt found...

"What would happen if a Walmart tipped over and sank?"  --M. T. M.


  1. abicsMarly - surely there would be countless people there wearing, 'We are here to help you' aprons?
    Out in the parking lot.....

    Your breakfast conversations would give me heartburn!

  2. 'abics'
    Nothing but a CAPTCHA gone run aground, I am afraid!

    I must now enter 'hooscalc'.

  3. Those cracks alone could give one heartburn, Paul! Mike always catches me up on The News. If not, I would know nothing...

  4. These conversations occur at dinner at our house, and I sometimes veto them. I do read the news, but J. is a news junkie and loves to talk politics. Sometimes that's fine, but I often wish it could other than during meals!

  5. Hah! They never spill into dinner. Food is too important for news!

    On school days, breakfast tends to be less of an event because N is doing last-minute homework and packing his bag, and I'm flying around trying to help, and everybody eats at a different moment...

  6. Speaking of news junkies, husband is very much so, and I'm not too far behind though within a smaller range of subjects. Blame the net. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. As for Walmart sinking like that ship, I'd say that would be a good thing as long as the underpaid workers get out safely and leave the captain in the ship.

  7. After being trapped in the Easter candy aisle with some very large Walmartians, I would be afraid there might be some trampling!


Alas, I must once again remind large numbers of Chinese salesmen and other worldwide peddlers that if they fall into the Gulf of Spam, they will be eaten by roaming Balrogs. The rest of you, lovers of grace, poetry, and horses (nod to Yeats--you do not have to be fond of horses), feel free to leave fascinating missives and curious arguments.