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Friday, December 30, 2011


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New Year a-coming! Get a Vicki-calendar here...
New Year’s resolutions/orders-to-self
in the kingdom of books

1-   Do more book events at conferences/meetings.
2-   Polish The Book of the Red King where needed and submit by year's end.
3-   Do final reads on some manuscripts already accepted.
4-   Don’t be so dratted lazy about sending out poems.
5-   Don’t drive yourself absolutely bats by agreeing to do more than you can for other people's novel and poetry manuscripts...
6-   Care about what matters and let the rest go.
7-   Do something about that manuscript gathering dust!
8-   Read more. Maybe you'll have time...
9-   Establish the regional arts group that you have been feebly toying with—start with a web site?
10-  Don’t bother thinking about luck… It’s way beyond your control.


  1. I will jump straight in and let you know that your second resolution is (to me, and selfishly) the most exciting!
    The Red King poems are something the world does not know it needs, but need them it does!

    As for the rest - well, they are admirable.

    I make no resolutions, but I do offer myself little suggestions. As every day is a bonus thing, I luxuriate in the understanding that I don't NEED to do anything - but can do anything if I choose to do so.

    It's a lazy way of thinking about life, but it saves me making lists!

  2. Paul,

    I am a list maker. (Are there two kinds of people?) But I didn't feel much compulsion to make this list--it was more a mulling over the place where I am than a stating of goals.

    Yes, I was reading some of that manuscript tonight and feeling that it will make a solid book. I am thinking about how it might be divided and organized so that the mass of poems is not overwhelming...

    Bonus, yes. The first thing I think in the morning is that I am glad to be alive. The second: thanks!

  3. Feel free! It applies to a lot more than books...

  4. I'll take 6, 8 and 10 though I don't do resolutions, yet I'm a listmaker. Anyway, you are certainly ambitious, Marly and sure to achieve it all.

  5. I find it hard to imagine you could be lazy about anything. Perhaps by not doing too much of 4 you are merely practising 6? It requires the charism of discernment sometimes to know the difference I suppose...

    Anyway, a wonderful New Year to you, Marly.

  6. I have no doubt that you will manage most of this, Marly! But good bonne chance et bonne annee anyway!

  7. Lucy,

    Very astute comment! Just the kind I like: giving me permission not to do what I don't like to do!

  8. Thank you, Beth, and the same to you. I expect I'll manage the ones that have to do with doing less...

    (Actually I am a horrible pushover and get myself in messed by agreeing to do thing--so maybe cutting back is harder than doing more elsewhere. No more Ms. Nice Pushover!)

  9. Oops, marja-leena,

    Dunno what happened to my reply...

    Take whatever you like! I look forward to your creations in the coming year.

  10. Oh! What a wonderful surprise--Thank you Marly!!

    Your list--you--are inspiring. i really need to embrace #6...i get far too caught up in thing i have absolutely no control over.

  11. Vicki, I suppose we all need to go after 6, and not just about writing-related things! Good cheer!

  12. I'll go with 6 and 10. Happy 2012 to you, dear Marly. We're waiting for you here, you know. Hope to see you soon or late.

  13. Happy New Year Marly, I hope its a good one.

  14. Susanna,

    I hope all is wonderful with you--been a bit behind on visits, so... shall go see when I have a minute.

  15. Laura,

    Well, I shall be down, I believe. I've already accepted an invite to Roanoke in May (library conference) and will also be off to Cullowhee for a family event. So I shall try and finagle something!

    I hope you and yours have a gentler year in 2012...

  16. A good list Marly, and I agree with Paul about The Red King! I think it shall be my favorite among your books! I have many resolutions, though technically I already made them at Jewish New Year. Getting organized, getting a job, staying/getting calm, reading more, writing more are all chief among them.

  17. Robbi,

    Those all sound good!

    I think writers probably are like mothers--they hope that all their children will find some sort of welcome in life...


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