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Friday, December 09, 2011

Small private sale for Palace followers, Dec. 9-12

Signed or incribed copies for my blog readers--

If any of my readers are interested in picking up a signed or inscribed copy of The Throne of Psyche or Val/Orson, I have a few copies on hand that I am willing to sell at reduced price. If you want one, write me at camellia [at] (And if you should fall into the spam filter and not emerge and hear from me within a day, call for help here!) In addition, if you would like to reserve and then receive a signed or inscribed copy of A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage in March, you may claim that as well.  If you purchase one of those three books now, you may also buy some of my other books at a greater discount. To read more about my books, you may visit my website.

U.S. postage is $3.50 for a first book, .50 for each additional book. Query if outside the U. S.

Hardcover The Throne of Psyche ($30. retail)  $24.
Paperback  The Throne of Psyche ($18. retail) $14.
Hardcover A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage ($24. retail) $19.
Hardcover Val/Orson (In pounds, varies; was around $24. plus intl. shipping when I ordered) $20.

If you buy one of the above books, you may order signed/inscribed first edition hardcovers of The Wolf Pit ($24. retail), The Curse of the Raven Mocker ($18. retail), or Ingledove ($16. retail)  for $14. for the first and the latter two for $12. each. I no longer have copies of my three other books.

All of these copies are, of course, limited in number.


  1. Wow! These are a bargain! I'll take the novel. I can send you a check.

  2. Robbi,

    Prior or upcoming?

    I am still trying to figure out how mail to Canada works for somebody else... Evidently first class international is the best one can do for small numbers of books--anybody know for sure?

    Found this:

  3. Miss Marly Youmans, Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. It meant the world to me. I haven't started Ingledove yet, but I can't seem to start another book and Ingledove keeps staring at me. I think I will start it soon. :)
    Once again, just thank you so much for commenting. As an aspiring author, I'm touched to see an accomplished author down-to-earth enough to comment on a little silly girl's blog.

  4. Raelynn,

    (Oh, hope I'm remembering the spelling right... Maybe I had better go check.)

    Much luck to you on the aspiring. And I'm glad it was encouraging to get a note. Go right ahead, leaf out and flower! Writing is a peculiar business--I know people who have been broken by the publishing or not-publishing part of it, but the writing itself can give much joy. And the publishing side of things is changing fast.

    And we all like to be silly sometimes, some of us more often than others. (Me, for instance...)

  5. Hey, sorry I have been incomunicado lately. I want a copy of White Camilia. I got the last book from Amazon but if I could get a signed copy that would be so awesome. Do we send a check? I will email you.

  6. Susanna,

    I would of course love for you to have a signed copy... And no worry, I am a bit swamped with Christmas and deadlines at the moment myself. Shall look for your email.


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