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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sundry on Monday

I am liking Dave Bonta's wildflower poems at Via Negativa. These are responses to photographs by Jennifer Schlick. Some of Dave's poems have interesting responses in turn from Luisa Igloria. At left is Schlick's unusual photograph of False Solomon's Seal; I think this is the one that most surprised me.

THE BIRTHDAY ROSES & WIELDING THE TREE FINDER To my surprise, people are still commenting on "The Birthday Roses" and "Wielding the Tree Finder." I find that I am still such an innocent about how to get the word out about poetry that I feel out-of-the-ordinary pleased when people respond on 'zines that allow comments. Perhaps, given the state of poetry publishing, we are innocents together.

Last year an editor of an interesting publishing house (mid-size, select) told me that they weren't going to do poetry anymore--than none of their copies broke 300 in sales. Isn't that bemusing, in a big country like ours? And there's a cost, isn't there, to not supporting poetry? Now a house that published good poets will publish no more. I hope those poets have found a new home...

If any bloggers or others would like press release material for The Throne of Psyche, let me know here or at facebook or by email. I will be bundling what I get from Mercer with some other things soon, and I've started to collect a list. Meanwhile the paperback is up for pre-order at Amazon, but not the hardcover. Soon, I hope.


  1. Marly,
    I'd be glad to put it up on the blog, but since such a tiny audience reads it, I don't know how useful that will be.

  2. I wonder how tiny it is? You should try a counter!


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