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Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Castle of Work

Upcoming: eight poems from the manuscript I began in mid-October, The Book of the Red King, will soon be out in Mezzo Cammin; three more will be out in The Flea; and one in qarrtsiluni, along with a poem called "Wielding the Tree Finder." These are the only poems I've sent out from the manuscript, and they were all accepted at first submission, so I'm pleased about that--I am liking this mad dance between the Red King and the Fool, and I'm glad other people do as well.

Pub date for The Throne of Psyche turns out to be April (Mercer University Press). Galleys are in. The interior has tiny leaves (as well as big leaves of paper) that sprinkle down from the painting detail on the cover (by Clive Hicks-Jenkins). I'll wait to post that image.

Writing plans for January: write more Red King poems; reread A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage (just accepted by Mercer); check to see if it is just the way I want it; tinker with part one of the 3-in-1 novel I wrote for my youngest and then send it out by the end of the month (maybe); start reading the manuscripts of other forthcoming books, not because I must but because I am obsessive.; do some collaboration with Graham Ward; send out some poems. Graham Ward's painting, "Angel Entering a City" is the image at post top, and you can see more of Graham at here.
These next few years will be busy. In rather short order, I shall go from the author of seven books to the author of thirteen--four books of poetry, seven novels, two Southern fantasies. Only two of my seven books are in print right now, the Godine hardcover of Little Jordan, my very first book here and the most recent P. S. Publishing book, Val/Orson, here (search on my name), available as a hardcover with or without jacket. My LSU poetry book and my four Farrar, Straus & Giroux books are at the mercy of the used book market, and now and then I notice people posting something about one or another. I hope that my new books can find their way to their readers, even in an world captured by the commercial.

Wishes: readers, maids, private secretaries! I won't get the second or third, but I hope for the first, as always. Sending-wish: I hope you have good wishes granted and that no birds fall from your private sky.


  1. Many good wishes and exclamations over the success you are owed and deserve. I look forward to reading as many of these tomes as I can in the coming year. I have some of them already, including at least one that is out of print.

  2. What a sad day!


    Thanks--be glad to meet you in a book as well as in the aether.

  3. What was sad? The shooting in Arizona? Disturbingly, so many like things occur, I hardly respond anymore.

  4. Yes, sad that madness and evils are nothing new.


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