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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Desire in a time of chaos:

To be whole and make whole art in the midst of a broken culture.

Makoto Fujimura, Golden Fire II
Mineral Pigments, Gold on Kumohada 89x132"
"Fujimura continues the theme of "Fires of destruction and sanctification" that he began with Water Flames." 


  1. Kumohada Unryushi Rice Paper 24.8x37 Inch Sheet

  2. "The strength and durability of democracy are not in the permanence of ideologies, but in the wrestling of ideas in the process of collaboration." --from Makoto Fujimura's essay on "Cloud-Skin Paper."

  3. Oh, now I know why you left me that Facebook note about the paper! I do know Mako's essays and am currently reading his book "Culture Care."


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