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Sunday, May 03, 2015


detail, jacket image for Maze of Blood. Art by Clive Hicks-Jenkins.

I'm on my second round of the second pass galleys of Maze of Blood. Meanwhile, everything else in my life seems to be hopping up and down, demanding attention. Two children are heading toward graduation (one from high school, one from The Center for Cartoon Studies), with all the frenetic events and activity that precede such life markers, and a third is returning to New York for a new job. Wild times! I'll meet you back here in a few days. If you miss me, ramble around in the blog or read one of my books! I'll meet you there too. Maybe even more so...


  1. sounds like a proud mother to me - congrats to all!

    1. Thank you--it's an interesting spring around here!

    2. Happy to hear things are happening for your kids on the employment front and that you're moving forward on the new book.
      From here it sounds as though you're making forays into the great world. Huzzah!

  2. Those wild times are the best! Enjoy them. They never come again in the same way. Hugs!


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