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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"I hope more and more people will recognize"

I'm really proud of what we're all doing together -- and it seems like the readers agree. Which is good because we all need their support to keep going. Poetry publication is extremely challenging, and I hope more and more people will recognize the high quality of the books we're bringing out, not only in terms of the writing but the design, art, typography, and printing. It's a group effort, a lot of work, and very satisfying but the goal is still to get the books into the hands of readers! I'm grateful for every single one. --Elizabeth Adams of Phoenicia Publishing, a response on facebook
Next book up at Phoenicia: Luisa A. Igloria, Night Willow. Pre-order now!


  1. I wonder about poets and poetry in the social media age. Has anyone -- for better or worse -- begun writing poetry (if that name could still be attached) for Twitter postings? Can it be done within the character limits? If haiku is possible, is a poetic Tweet possible? Just think of the new and different audiences.

    1. Now and then I've done an English-style haiku there... A good example of somebody writing poetry on twitter is George Szirtes. Take a peek!

    2. Maybe you should try twitter--I've met loads of interesting people there!


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