Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sun Dry Fie(d)

Clive Hicks-Jenkins
for Glimmerglass
Advance apologies
I may be on a little less often for the next ten days, as I have two major child-ferrying trips plus other company arriving for a stay. And there is much to do to get ready.

The Glimmerglass News
Things are progressing on Glimmerglass. It's very hard to top the beauty of design and art for Thaliad and The Foliate Head, but it may well be happening, thanks to Clive Hicks-Jenkins and the design team of Burt and Burt, designers for Mercer. Yesterday I had an advance peek at the jacket (not quite finished, as it didn't yet have blurbs or description on), and it is the most clever, cunning, beautiful thing... I even love the spine, and that's downright odd!

to all the people who responded here and there to this:
Today, why not support poets&independent publishing - how about Thaliad by , art by Clive Hicks-Jenkins?
Rebecca Beatrice Miller
End of year project at The Center for Cartoon Studies--a 25-page comic called Castle. Shall be glad to see the young graphic novelist some time soon! I've enjoyed seeing her projects through the past year...

Memorial Day
Have a good Memorial Day weekend--my Scouts are out marching in the rain in today's parades. I'm remembering my father, a boy who joined up at 17 and was a tailgunner aboard Incendiary Blonde in World War II, along with many uncles who served in WWII and Korea. I'm remembering my deep-South ancestors who served (yes, they were on the Confederate side, and one of them, Col. James Washington Hance, died at Gettysburg and left behind a wife and three little daughters.) I'm also recalling the wild Revolution-era crowd led by my terribly colorful Wales-born ancestor, John Thomas, colonel and founder of the Spartan Regiment of South Carolina. Jane Black Thomas was a heroine of the Revolution, and sons, a son-in-law, and a daughter were notable figures in the fight for independence. What a sluice of struggle and death is the history of the world, pointing back to that first story of Cain slaying Abel!

2nd Lt. Ivar Hendrickson, Bombardier; S/Sgt Bufford Brown, Engineer;
S/Sgt Paige Paris, Radio Operator; S/Sgt Edward Fitzpatrick, Ball Turret Gunner; S/Sgt.
Hubert L. Youmans, Tailgunner. Two things come to mind about this picture.
One is that S/Sgt Blaine Corbin is missing, having recently been killed by flak
on a mission. The other is that my father (standing, far right) the future professor
has an odd-looking hand because he'd been in a fight the evening before.

He was a sharecropper's boy who plowed and sometimes rode the rails,
and he is in the mix of A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage.


  1. Have a glorious weekend . . . and week . . . etc. . . etc. . . etc. . . . and enjoy the ferrying and visiting. In fact, lots of best wishes from the Redneck Rivera, home of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, and the city where I began my 25 Navy career in 1966.

    1. Happy Memorial Day to you, Tim! And thanks--have a grand weekend.


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