Friday, May 09, 2014


P. S. to the Kraken! post: Be sure and read Scott Bailey's clerihews at Six Words for a Hat (post and comments.) I'm afraid that I challenged him to a Chernyshevsky clerihew. This came about because his posts about Henrik Pontoppidan seeped into my head, and so I wrote a clerihew about Henrik Pontoppidan the novelist's ancestor (I suppose), Erik Pontoppidan the bishop, who had an interesting connection to cephalopods. So I blamed the Pontoppidan clerihew on Scott, and then remembered he was now writing about Chernyshevsky. Tada! I think I deserve chocolate for spelling Chernyshevsky, Pontoppidan, and cephalopods correctly (or close enough) in one post.


  1. I like saying "Chernyshevsky" aloud; it's so thick and slow-moving. I don't so much like having to spell it. "Pontoppidan" is also a good word to say out loud. Hell, so is "cephalopod." Anyway, yes, chocs for you and thanks for the linkage! I had hoped for a minute that my blog would be flooded with competing Chernyshevsky clerihews. Alas.

    1. Probably people flee when they see the word "clerihew."


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