Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beam on Glimmerglass

5/15/14  New art by Clive Hicks-Jenkins up! (5/15)

5/14/14  I'm releasing all of Jeffery Beam's
long, marvelous blurb for Glimmerglass 
(Mercer University Press in September) here.

Cheered by Mr. Beam--
first time I have been compared
to a holy well!


  1. I'm convinced. You're now on my "must read" list for when Glimmerglass hits the market. And as for the blurb? Genius, grace, and glamour is the trifecta!. Brava!

    1. Kind of you, Tim!

      I was weirdly thrilled with and amused by the holy well business!

  2. I'm so thirsty! Although I've read the drafts of Glimmerglass, I can't wait to have the whole well in my hand with a giant tin dipping cup!

    1. Whee! I think it's about done--Clive was adding some fleurons for the designer, last I heard!


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