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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Small question for my readers--

I now hold rights to ebook publication for Catherwood, The Wolf Pit, The Curse of the Raven Mocker, Ingledove, and Val/Orson--that is for five out of my seven novels, including the two that were marketed as "young adult / crossover." I will also hold ebook rights for my two upcoming novels, Glimmerglass and the pulpily titled Maze of Blood. And I'll be keeping ebook poetry rights in the future as well.

I'm much too busy right now with some judging stints, a book tour, a move for one of my children, etc. But in October I have a little window where I want to work on putting one of the novels into ebook format. Any recommendations which one should be first?

Please scroll down to see upcoming August events in North Carolina. (I'll be in South Carolina for more events in October.)


  1. A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage might find a totally new audience in e-book format.

  2. I don't have ebook rights to that one; it is available as an ebook.

    Any other druthers?

  3. Catherwood.
    Without a doubt, I think.
    It is short enough to e-book well, and....
    Do e-books usually have graphics? Graphics to Catherwood could be utterly wonderful because the material of that shorter novel is amazingly visual.
    And... I love that work.

    So that's three votes for it, right there!

  4. (Actually, each of these is visual, but Catherwood can easily be read in small 'segments' without losing anything of the 'flow'. I think it would make a fnatastic e-read!)

  5. Thanks, Paul! It also has the virtue of being a little shorter... Which is also good, when one has to format it.

    I don't know about graphics... would be lovely, though. I'll have to look at what's in public domain from the period, I guess.

  6. that book.

  7. I've not read any ebooks yet - would have to steal hubby's iPad methinks. I imagine it to to be quite a bit of work to format, but you are a hard worker, Marly. So,a A shorter book sounds like a good plan, a way to get your hand into the process. Best of luck!

  8. "Ingledove." Hmm. Maybe I'll do both of them!

    Thanks, Midori!

    And Marja-Leena, I don't know a thing about it as yet. But I will have to figure it out...

  9. I was going to say 'Curse of the Raven Mocker', but see that sets me at odds! I have the impression that rather naturally precedes 'Ingledove' anyway. I've got Val/Orson and love having it with Clive's beautiful cover - the first thing of his I saw I think.

    Whatever, keep us posted as to what you decide, as of course you will, and enjoy your summer tour!

  10. Reissue them in chronological order, as if reliving your literary career to date.

  11. I can totally see myself read A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage on the treadmill.

    I think maze of blood sounds cool! People like mazes especially if it sounds macabre! I would go with a story and get them hooked on you, of course if you were a guy I might say go with the poetry, its a real panty dropper.

  12. Lucy,

    Pick what you like! No rules! And thanks for the vote--I'm so behind that I haven't gone to your blog in ages, and I like it so much... Shall do so soon, though, when I come up for air.

  13. D. G. Myers,

    Now that's very sensible. And of course the first book I have right to is the first one someone voted for... Thanks for the advice; yours is heavy in the scales.

  14. Anonymous,

    Well, that's a first on the blog! I'm still mulling who you might be, and whether I know you...

  15. hmmm, this could be fun, want me to give you a clue?

  16. What luck! I can assist with my helpful but sometimes whimsical mind-reading abilities.

    El Greco?

    No. Definitely not.

    Randy Pico?
    Angie Neeco?


    Oh. Rico. It's you.

  17. Youre going to be so dissapointed :)

    I'm simply mad about Philip Larkin

  18. Simply mad, Rico?

    I am just a bit disappointed. A mere tadpole of disappointment, nothing intimidating. Larkin's fine, but I prefer Charles Causley and Kathleen Raine and Seamus Heaney and sometimes Ted Hughes (though a lot of his poems are rough drafts) from that era of UK poets.

    So you're lying (or some such) in the middle of Colorado reading Larkin, nodding in agreement and flinging your hair back from your face as you read "They fuck you up, your mum and dad"; is that right? It sounds wonderful. Really and truly. Me, I'm putting on my battle gear and going off to clean Rebecca's room.

  19. Nope, not Rico!

    Does the pot boy still want to play?

  20. Questions, you mean? He hasn't been around much lately. Moping down in the scullery, I suppose. Usually he posts when I am out of town, as he doesn't have full rights to post when he likes (he would take over if he could!) So you can leave him a question, and he'll get to it eventually. You'll just have to be on tenterhooks till then.

    Rules (mostly, none)
    -Be reasonably clean-cut, as I get the occasional pre-teen correspondent, so I know some show up here.
    -Eh, the rest are obvious.

    Off to the wars! By--

  21. p. s. In my mind you are still, still Rico.

  22. OK, a hint about me, maybe this will jog your mind...
    I like to get drunk and record poetry and post it on my horrible blog.

    And since I know how the Pot Boy likes to spout off, what does his gut tell you about which work of MArly's should eBook first?

  23. I actually thought you were Susannah at first... She's full of frisk and stops by now and then. And she does record herself with poetry (and accordion!), probably after a libation.


    Oh, I dunno. I can't rely on the Pot Boy! He's a whimsical soul.

    Now, I'm really off to clean. Ughury! Was just back on sending Scouts messages that I did not understand to the people who might possibly understand them.

  24. yay! Its me! I actually forgot to sign my name and then thought this was a fun game :)

    You know I still wonder who wrote that really cool anon comment about my spelling being freudian.

    aka susangalique

  25. I put an "h" on your name again! It must be the song.

    You know, I thought it sounded just like you but thought the spelling was too proper! (Wah! I love the way you spell--you didn't get auto-correct, did you?)

    Just cleaned the cat bathroom and am now on to bedrooms. Trying to see it all as meaningful and good. More wah!

  26. Whose is this Rico that you associate "panty dropper" to? That's the question?? He must be hot! Maybe you should interview him. Inquiring minds want to know.


  27. I was derailed from thinking it was you by my daughter, who sent me a note saying Rico was teasing me... I thought she meant on the blog because I had just seen your note. But really she meant on facebook, which I realized later when I looked at her page.

    He has longish hair and lives in Colorado. That's all I know. And is a friend of my daughter, not from high school or Bard but maybe from the online collaborative writing she used to do when she was a mere sprat. She has lots of friends from several sites where she used to do RPG etc. If not from there, Alpha. I really don't know.


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