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Saturday, August 24, 2013

On the road, day 5-7

Photo by Rebecca Beatrice Miller. August 2013.
NEXT UP: Reading with Nathan Ballingrud at Malaprop's, Asheville, 7 p.m., August 28th.

I had a pleasant, relaxed time in Raleigh, where I stayed with friends Bob Mosher and Jo Sumner for several days--thanks to them. Memorable moment: walking in the dark past thalictrum and sweet ginger lilies and then sitting on the patio at Boylan's Brewery, watching the sheet lightning playing in the clouds...

Back in Chapel Hill, I had a reading at McIntyre's in Pittsboro, visited with writers, and also went to several wonderful dinner parties with artists and writers and a composer--old friends and new--and all quite jolly. It seems quite wicked to namedrop, so I'll just say that I loved seeing them all. (And thanks to David and Laura Frankstone for putting up with me!)

And that's all the detail you get because I must go to bed in order to be off to western North Carolina tomorrow...


  1. Robbi's right!
    You look as if you are in your element there!

  2. Thanks! Just shifted from Chapel Hill to Cullowhee! All good...


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