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Thursday, August 22, 2013

On the road, day 4

Sketch from Laurelines, the blog of Laura Murphy Frankstone
August 21 

In the morning I had a wonderful time looking at the vigorous, intense acrylic paintings (shooting volcanic fire, roads rocketing over muscular Icelandic land masses, strange moons rising) of Laura Murphy Frankstone--all new paintings for her upcoming show at The Horace Williams House. So glad I slipped in just before they went to the framer.

After considerable stoppages and traffic and getting lost, I landed in Raleigh with my hosts, Jo Sumner and Bob Mosher. So happy to find their little green alley and park and jump out!

Marly, August 2013
Photo: Rebecca Beatrice Miller
And went on to a great crowd at Quail Ridge Books, where I read from The Foliate Head, Thaliad, and A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage. I was glad to see poet William Harmon and his wife Anne. I've been interested to see facebook friends show up at readings--Mamie Lewis Potter at Quail Ridge, Laura Giovanelli at Flyleaf.

At Quail Ridge, thanks to Tim and Tony and the other booksellers, and to longtime owner Nancy Olson, who has contributed so much to the literary life of the Triangle. She gave me the most beautiful introduction. I'm very happy to think that A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage was her favorite book of 2012, as she is such a wide reader and so perceptive. Luck and health to her in retirement.


  1. Work and pleasure do mix as it sounds like you are having a grand time with friends though I'm sure all the readings and travel are hard work too. Yay to great responses at the readings. Love the photo of you!

  2. Yes, it's good to see old and new friends... My eyeballs feel a bit pickled, but otherwise I'm doing okay, less tired than a few days ago.

    Oh, glad you like the picture--have gotten a crazy number of responses to that one, so it must be better than the usual! Thanks to Rebecca...

  3. Oh, it all sounds lovely! So glad you are doing this. And the new photo is a real winner!

  4. Beth,

    I've done a number of things that were quite the sort you would like, and your name has come up several times with painters...

    And thanks! I guess so--posted on fb last night and wow! what a formidable number of "likes" and comments. I'll have to keep that one...


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