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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On the road, days 1-3

Mary Bullington, School Bus Geography
Aug 18-19  Drove to Roanoke, and stayed two nights with painter Mary Bullington. On the 19th we spent much of the day with wonderful potter Steve Mitchell, visiting his home and wandering about to look at his studio and kilns.

Unfortunately my camera had tumbled out of my bag back at the house, so no pictures of the marvelous pottery dump or the beautiful pots or the big kilns.

August 20  A lovely reading with a former neighbor from old Carrboro, Jay Bryan, with a good Flyleaf crowd on Airport Rd. in Chapel Hill. Great to see old neighbors and poet Jeffery Beam and heaps more. Lovely friends David and Laura Frankstone are putting up with me! And putting me up...

Tomorrow: I'm looking forward to seeing Laura's new paintings. Then I head off to Raleigh, where I will read at Quail Ridge Books, 7:30 pm.

Steve Mitchell


  1. What a trip for you! I envy you these book tours, though I know they are a lot, a LOT of work. But you get to see Mary B and her work and great pottery and many other friends, old and new. And us! And, lucky us... we get to spend time with YOU!

  2. Yes, they are full of special splendors (like LMF and Jeffery and Steve and Mary.)

  3. Looks like a blast. Too bad about the camera though!

  4. It fell out at Mary's, so it was not lost. It is a blast, aside from how exhausting it all is!


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