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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On the road, days 8-11

Photo by Rebecca Beatrice Miller, August 2013
After a splendiferous time in the Triangle, I toddled off to Cullowhee, where I am staying with my mother on top of a mountain with wonderful views. Yesterday we went to Asheville to see the little house where my eldest son is living--the place buried in flowers--and went out to dinner at Tupelo Honey.

I am especially excited about tomorrow's reading at Malaprop's in Asheville because Paul and Lynn Digby are coming all the way from Ohio to attend; Paul has made videos for my poems, and the three of us are working on a collaborative project involving poetry, music, and painting. Further, it will be fun to meet Nathan Ballingrud, who is my co-reader, and his friends. And I'll see lots of others, including my son and my wonderful high school English teacher, Nancy Potts Coward, who with always predicted a grand future in words for me--so sweet!

Now I have to figure out how to shorten a reading down to 20 minutes, though... And plan frolics! Frolics!

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