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Monday, April 01, 2013

"Thaliad" bookplate update

The Clive Hicks-Jenkins bookplates have arrived here
and will be going out this week--need to get stamps
and envelopes and stiffener! Thanks to all of you
who put in the first orders. Canadian and UK
Thaliad plates have already gone out.


  1. I had a beautiful blue one!

  2. Oh, really? Clearly you are a very special recipient!

  3. It's true, I made some blue ones for myself, and sent Lucy a spare one, as part of my thank you for her having been proprietor of the Artlog while I was away at Christmas. But I will do some blue one for you too, dear Marly, if you would like them. Or any other colour come to that.

  4. Clive, I am entirely too grateful to ever ask for anything from you! Much received already--tangible and intangible...

  5. Oops, didn't know I was a special case! Embarrassed preening ensues...

  6. Lucy, you have long been special in the best possible way!


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