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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Twittage, during which my brain was replaced by cloud--

Vignette of lake for Thaliad by Clive Hicks-Jenkins
I appear to have exhausted the contents of my head while on twitter this morning. And have nothing more to say to the world. Meanwhile, I must go finish packing up bookplates for Thaliad...

Cloud and ignorance appear to be the order of the day. I believe the dawn cloud must have crept inside my head. I believe that my brain may have been replaced by vapor.

However, I still manage to like this quote and to be astonished (California friends, watch out!) by the article it came from: "It has been said that an actuary is someone who really wanted to be an accountant but didn't have the personality for it" (Kessler, WSJ.)

Morning twittage, since I have naught else to say:

  • The universe so big, so much to fathom... But children say wonderful things out of insufficient knowledge. 
  • Contemplating the well of my own ignorance. It is very great and very blue. 
  • Believe that refers to the scattering of sleep across the globe. Dark conspiracy of the Sopora Sleep company. @DeathZen @MrsDarkly 
  • Recollecting my daughter at 5: "Have you ever heard of a five-year-old teenager?" @saladinahmed 
  • Could we quit using "beyond words," Twit-buddies? Very few things are so, and usually not the ones we say are. 
  • Recommending Richard Krawiec and Jacar: @jacarpress.
  • Cloud that has filled the village nudges my cheek, creeps inside my mouth when I speak, breathes me. Odd, lovely morning. White smudge sun. 
  • The birds drag long streaming paths through the cloud that has filled up the village. 
  • The dog is trying mightily to bark to bits the cloud that used to be a yard. 
  • The yard is cloud. The lake is cloud. Cloud is snared in the rose canes. Infinite confine.
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  1. I think it's time you came back to Atlanta. We can go down south to the monastery and have a picnic by the water and let the ducks harass us and enjoy the warm and the sun and buy fudge from the monks and just be :) Friendly beagle, cats, husband, and I await if ever you want!

  2. Oh, that sounds lovely and doable for someone with cloud for brain. I am going to NC in August... But shall be galloping around doing events in the Triangle and WNC.

    Maybe I should do something in Atlanta?


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