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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Selling like hotcakes!

Elizabeth Adams of Phoenicia Publishing
In honor of National Poetry Month, paperback editions of all Phoenicia Publishing full-length poetry books are on sale for the price of $12.50 rather than the usual $13.95. Titles included are:

Thaliad - Marly Youmans
70 Faces: Torah Poems - Rachel Barenblat
Angels & Beasts - Claudia Serea
Ancient Lights - Dick Jones
Mercy Island - Ren Powell

"Take advantage of the excellent price, and support poetry and independent publishing at the same time!" -- Beth Adams. 

I own paperback or hardcover copies of each of these except one--shall have to rectify that omission!--and can recommend them. In addition to reading some wonderful poetry, you may enjoy the immaculate design work of Phoenicia: it is no less than stellar.

Addendum after a day of car repairs:

Okay, so MAYBE I was being radically optimistic when I said Phoenicia's poetry books were selling like wild, crazy, madly-spinning hotcakes. But you know, they could, they really could, and you could help by sharing this and other posts! Phoenicia Publishing paperbacks are on sale for the length of National Poetry Month, books by Rachel Barenblat / Dick Jones / Ren Powell/ Claudia Serea / Marly Youmans. They're just as tasty as the tastiest hotcake, they last a whole lot longer, and they feed the mind and spirit as well as, in emergency, the body. Some hardcovers also available via Phoenicia.


  1. Beth is doing a wonderful job, there!

  2. Yes, indeed she is. She is such a great designer, and has taste in every area one could desire in a publisher.


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