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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Me and bf Homer

Collage vignette for THALIAD
by the great Clive Hicks-Jenkins of Wales!

Poet/novelist, aware of that people want new electronic games and semi-alien gadgets for Christmas instead of a blank verse narrative poem, even if it is post-apocalyptic: I need to get together with Beth in the next few weeks and brainstorm. It's not easy for an epic poem these days.

Husband too smart to become a writer, expressing his sympathy as he sees fit: Took Homer years to get the recognition he deserved.


It's a thought. Worthy of a cartoon.

Mr. Bookseller: "I don't think this Homer guy has the numbers we're looking for. Let's just order one of his next book."

Ms. Bookseller:  "If that."


  1. I teeter on the edge of expectation (if that actually makes any sense) waiting to read this.

    What you need, Marly, is a 'production'. That is a just a hunch.

    I need the poem in my hands so that I can devour it!
    I have a hunch, also, that this work will be firing ideas in SOOoo many people's minds.

  2. Paul,

    Thanks for the encouragement... You and Homer!

  3. Peddling nothing other than ideas. Their worth, at this point, is unproven...

    however, Paul noted what I was thinking, too, when I first read your post last night. Came back to write something and found support for my own musings.

    How about an app of some kind? Apparently the au courant object of the moment, as regards promotion and alternative venues.

    A producer is needed, no doubt. This work of yours, though, with both images and words, perhaps could make the transition?

    Like to think that the ancients would have wanted to try whatever was available to promote their writing.

    Not that I was around back then... just trying to not be a dinosaur myself (not implying such about you either) and brainstorming a bit herein.

  4. Elsa Louise,

    I did just have a birthday and am feeling more dinosaurish all the time! Shall frisk and sashay anyway.

    It's been a somewhat overwhelming year. Next time I will be slow to accept being a judge in a year when three of my books come out. But maybe I have done my duty for a good long time.

    Good idea, an app. I will throw that in the discussion-with-Beth pot and see what happens.


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