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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Caustic Cover Critic on Thaliad

The Caustic Cover Critic a.k.a. JRSM has a review post up about Thaliad, and he likes the poem and the art by Clive Hicks-Jenkins and the design. Here's a clip from the start:
A while ago I was looking at a poet's website and saw that her next book was a post-apocalyptic blank verse epic, with specially commissioned illustrations. Someone's written a book just for me! I thought to myself. And Marly Youmans has, it would seem, done just that: Thaliad is a marvellous work, an exciting and heartbreaking myth of origin for a society born of a clutch of children who survive a nuclear war.
His next line amused me! It depends on a common mis-pronunciation of my last name (which is, of course, spelled improperly. The Youmans clan evidently can pronounce but not spell! My great-grandfather Nathaniel Yeomans and sometimes Youmans is evidently to blame for the switch in spelling, but we still pronounce the name as YO-munz. I suppose that proves that we can get things half right.)

And JRSM selects a lovely little group of vignettes and covers by Clive at the close, illustrating Beth's elegant page design as well.

Last day for a Phoenicia Publishing discount on the pre-order for a hardcover of Thaliad is the 30th... today and tomorrow left to knock on the door of Phoenicia and buy in a way that benefits both you and the press. And thanks to Beth for sending a link to the Caustic Critic's post...

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