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Saturday, November 17, 2012

NYC glimpses

Ivory dreams. The National Book Foundation put us up
 in The Essex after our first hotel was washed out by Sandy.
This shop window is not far from the hotel.

Lalique and Footlongs

Shop window with reflections of Central Park
trees and equestrian statue.

Art deco portals at the Essex.


  1. Wow. I never saw New York like this. I spent time in Brooklyn as a child, which had charms of its own, but not this kind. The Christmastime windows though are really something special.
    I hope there will be lots more such events for you in the future.

  2. Robbi,

    If you're wishing me more events where I must read more than 300 books, well, I'm not sure! XD

    Yes, New York is great fun to visit. While I went to the panel luncheon at Tribeca Grill, Rebecca went to MOMA and had a wonderful time. In addition to the regular collection, the Brothers Quay were a special exhibit. For a drawing-writing-filmmaking nut, that was perfect. I'm always wishing I had time to go to some of the smaller museums, but often there's a show I want to see at the Met.

    I did see one hotel already thoroughly and grandly decorated for Christmas, but I imagine that will start soon. I think Advent starts December 2nd this year...


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