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Friday, November 30, 2012

O happy day! THALIAD is born.

Thalia, as conceived by the masterful
Clive Hicks-Jenkins of Wales.

Today is the launch day for Thaliad (Montreal: Phoenicia Publishing), with a post-apocalyptic epic narrative in blank verse (what a mouthful!) poem by me, profuse art by major artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins, and lovely, immaculate design by Elizabeth Adams of Phoenicia. For excerpts, clips of the first reviews, comments by poets and novelists, and a peep at some of the art, you may go to my Thaliad page. And there's a wealth of information on the Phoenicia site.

PUB DATE CELEBRATION. Receive a small, original work of art, an incredibly generous offer from Clive Hicks-Jenkins: SPECIAL BOOKPLATE OFFER: The first 50 orders (any edition) received before Dec 25, 2012 will also receive an original, hand-pulled, relief-print bookplate, specially designed and printed by Clive Hicks-Jenkins forThaliad. To receive your bookplate, you must forward your order confirmation from the online store, or from Amazon, with your name and address, to phoeniciapublishing(at)gmail(dot) com. It will be sent to you separately by mail.

To see Clive's posts about the art for Thaliad, go here.

While this book is so beautiful that I'd love to be able to strew them about the world the way nature tosses out her abundant flowers, I cannot; much labor and cost went into it. Please find below (along with a lovely horse) how to obtain one for yourself, to hold, to read, to revel in the gorgeous art and immaculate design work.

Want to support the independent press movement? If you wish to benefit Phoenicia Publishing the most, you may order directly from them. And if you buy from a non-Phoenicia site, you may wish to send Elizabeth Adams an email note so that you land on her highly desirable email list! Or just let her know how you like the book... You may write her at phoeniciapublishing [at] gmail [dot] com.

For the hardcover:
available directly from Phoenicia via PayPal or credit card.

For the paperback: $13.95 US, CANADA
£9.00 UK; €11.40 EUROPE (price may vary slightly by country)
ORDER FROM Phoenicia Publishing ONLINE STORE
ORDER FROM the Phoenica Publishing page

Vignette by Clive Hicks-Jenkins


  1. Thank you, Marly, and thank you for being such a wonderful writer that I couldn't bear not to publish this book once I read it! I just want to add that we don't have an image of Clive's bookplate design yet, but will post it soon, and that orders for either the paperback or hardcover qualify for the special bookplate offer.

  2. Oh, thanks for answering that question from one of the facebook commenters!

    And for asking me for the whole ms. after seeing an excerpt.


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