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Sunday, November 18, 2012

12 days till...


Reminder of meritorious possibility! Act on this while eating bitter melon and you will never suffer from monobrow or baldness or general stupidity!

Believe it?


The Phoenicia Publishing (Montreal) pre-order discount price for the hardcover of the upcoming Thaliad is good for 12 more days. If you want a copy, that's a good way to get it, not because it's the very cheapest way (no doubt, it isn't, as you may choose the paperback or miraculously discover a tea-stained copy at a yard sale in twenty or thirty years) but because you manage to both get a lower price (always okay with us, no?) and also support a young small press that tries to thrive and sprout new leaves in the Sahara of the Bozart (it may have been what Mencken called the South in his day, but I think that particular desert blows its sands across many places these days.)


Publisher Beth Adams is a grand designer to have--she writes and paints and draws and takes photographs and sings, so she has plenty of sensitivity to nuance and text placement. And she takes pains, which is a wonderful thing.

And of course she has good material to work with, given the wonderful artwork that Clive Hicks-Jenkins has made for this book (and for The Foliate Head.) Just was taking a peek--I want to share all the still-secret pictures that we have not shown. They are special... So if you don't desire a copy of your very own, well, you should go take a look at his wondrous Thaliad images and his archive of work done for the book. You can find it here.


  1. Yet as anyone with a knowledge of the work of CHJ could tell you, the possession of a monobrow is not necessarily a bad thing!

    I think I've pre-ordered it, better check...

  2. Monobrows are rather a joke at my house, as I once had one (one gets less furry as one ages), and several of my children do as well!

    Lucy, thank you for being interested in the shenanigans of Marly and Clive and now Beth.


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