Saturday, September 01, 2012

How it goes in the Village of Cooperstown--

As my husband (man of hobbies and adventures) flew off to Johannesburg and then Maputo and rambled on from there a few days ago, I am about to drag a healthy young man or two out of bed and fare into the world to do things that are normally on the man-list, starting with loading the Tundra with recycling and sacks of garbage and heading off to the village dump. Unfortunately I forgot to ask where the dump is, so I shall just have to trust my nose...

I'm still immersed in reading, so no new writing for a while longer. Shall post some more pieces from the Tinies, perhaps.

But mostly I am thinking about how I do not want my husband to be eaten by a lion.


  1. Marly,
    South Africa is a perfectly civilized place, in general. It is not likely that he will be eaten by a lion or any other beast of prey, though human beings are far more worthy of worry.
    I am sure though that he will do as well as he has all the myriad other places where he has traveled and tromped. Don't worry.

  2. PS: Good luck finding the dump! I ought to clean out my pantry before my husband comes home and goes off on me.

  3. Robbi,

    He's in the wilds of Mozambique, actually.

    Thank goodness for facebook. I'm now picking up somebody else's garbage, too. Hah. But know the way!

  4. In Spain it rains lions mostly on the plain. In Mozambique I'm not sure.

  5. Mary, I think you should do a painting with Michael and his friend Jack and lions and a hippo and crocodiles. With a little tiny plane going home (to moi) at the end of the adventure.

  6. I wouldn't want my husband to be eaten by a lion either. Especially since he has an ancestor who was eaten by a crocodile in the Nile.

  7. While your husband is off avoiding lions, you have two (!) young men to battle the recyling and garbage. Lucky you, my hubby (father of three girls) would say when he could use some heavy lifters on projects around the house. Have a good long weekend!

  8. Beth,

    Ow! That must be an awful way to go. I'm a little worried about crocodiles and hippos.


    Yes, I managed to persuade one on the dump expedition and then on to the store.


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