Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adventure Boy

Michael-my-husband has been having some difficulties in exiting Africa by way of Maputo and then Johannesburg. Evidently he had a Kafkaesque passage when accused of gun smuggling in Mozambique... Eventually he did fly off.  But then he and hundreds of others were turned back to the airport when someone on board the plane suffered a heart attack. I hope that victim survived and is feeling better and that the rest of the passengers are safely in the air, going home or leaving home, each as wished. Evidently my Mozambique adventurer may be home by Sunday night. 

So today I shall tinker with The Book of the Red King, exercise, go to the farmer's market, clean up my house, and generally make ready for the return of the wanderer. I hope you are having a good adventure, out there in the world.


  1. Marly,
    Hope he's home safe and sound very soon.

  2. Oh my. Yes, hope he will be home without further delays, all safe and surrounded by loving wife and childen.

  3. Thanks! I am thinking he must have flown out from Jo-burg or else be about to do so--since I now don't know the flight, it's a bit confusing. So he'll be through NYC customs by midnight; he'll have to go through a special declaration. And I'm not sure whether that will happen tonight or tomorrow. Anyway, I hope to pick him up in Oneonta before too late tomorrow.

  4. Hope he gets home safely soon! When I lived in Malawi we all avoided Moxambique, because too many Kafka-esque things happened there, and it was more dangerous back then too

  5. Hurrah, he is in NYC! I think he had a wondrous time, aside from the gun-running accusation... Malawi, what an adventure...


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