Monday, September 24, 2012

My podcast (blush!)

I've had a book dedicated to me . . . but never have I had a podcast dedicated to me. I didn't know podcasts were dedicated to people! But this one is fascinating, focusing on writer Andrei Sinyavsky's A Voice from the Chorus. John Wilson, editor of Books and Culture, is probably the most well-read man on the continent, and if he says this book had a great impact on him, I'm going to read it. I suspect you should too.


  1. So we've both had the honour of having books dedicated to us this year! More coincidences!!!


    C x

  2. Clive,

    Actually my book was not this year (just the podcast), though I do happen to know a bit about yours! Mine was Where the Southern Cross the Yellow Dog: On Writers and Writing by the grand Southern man of letters, Louis D. Rubin, Jr.

  3. I'm a little confused by this. Though I've heard of Abram Tertz (haven't read his books, I confess), what about him? And what does it have to do with having a book dedicated to you (something I didn't know, so it's interesting)?
    Maybe it's just my general level of cluelessness here.

  4. (Late here, just back from the studio....)

    Congratulations on another feather in your cap! And that book sounds interesting, will check it out. Oddly, I seem to be recently finding several Russian based historical fictions and even authors crossing my path.

  5. Robbi,

    Click on the bolded "a podcast" to listen and you'll know what about him.

    Added a small sentence to abate your confusion, trala!

  6. Marja-Leena,

    I ordered a copy last night. If you get one, we'll have to compare notes on favorite fragments--it seems to be mostly aphoristic, plus with shards of speech picked up in the gulag.

    The only writing he was allowed to do was to his wife. So all the pieces in it come out of his letters to her.

  7. Don't have time to listen this morning (off to perform in synagogue and generally sit about being hungry)

  8. Be not hungry! I'm going for fish tacos with painter/singer Yolanda Sharpe...

  9. Well, that was mean when you're on a fast! But I had a lovely lunch with painters Yolanda and Ashley...

    Fast well!


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