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Monday, September 03, 2012

A little gift from Float Press

An interesting envelope from Austin, Texas in the mail...
Judy Jensen asked me for an August poem for Float Press.
(Click for larger versions in a new window.)

So I promptly wrote a triolet about Lammas,
the ancient festival of harvest, Hlaf-mass,
when bread would be blessed at church.
And in return I have three "postcards,"
or tiny letterpress broadsides.
Thank you, Judy and Float Press!


  1. How lovely a poem and such exquisite printing too. And the interesting table and objects... a visual feast. And I didn't know the word 'Lammas'.

  2. Fun to get a letterpress surprise in the mail! The paper is pleasingly thick, too, which makes the image and typography stand out (stand in?) nicely.

    The lore of old church festivals is always curious and interesting. I think Lammas was the first harvest celebration of the year.

    My mother brought the reindeer-horn doll and the kayaking man back from a trip to Winnipeg. She kept flying north from there and being turned back by snows. She wanted to have a good view of the northern lights but never quite did. The other things are from some of Michael's trips.

  3. How lovely! Are they still doing letterpress printing in the old shop at the Farmers' Museum?

  4. I think so... I haven't been there for a while, but there was somebody printing on my last visit.

  5. From Winnipeg - how cool! Did you know I grew up in Winnipeg? Too bad she missed the northern lights - we were blessed with them on the night of our wedding when we were driving across the prairies to our honeymoon destination.

    Letterpressing is another of those wonderful skills I've often wished I'd learned.


  6. Marja-Leena,

    That's so romantic! How lovely... I didn't remember that you were from Winnipeg, or else I never knew.


    Thank you, O wise Mole! Compliments from such as you much appreciated. XD

  7. How beautifully printed.
    How beautifully written!

  8. Lovely man,
    Lovely comment!

    Thank you.


  9. "Very nice, thanks for sharing" from a car rental in Jakarta? How did this one escape the balrogs? Must call one up from the depths. If you see no car rental from Jakarta, well, all I can say is that the balrogs from the Gulf of Spam are f-a-t.

    "You shall not pass!"


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