Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The ghost files

Whenever I look out the front windows, I can see a house with three ghosts... four, if you count one in the stone wall. And I not long ago heard a ghost story about my federal era house. But I've written about those and other Cooperstown ghosts before. Here's a brand new one. Last week I was sitting outside on a bench when S. came by, walking a dog. She told me that her youngest son had been dog-sitting at a house down the street, one that had been a medical clinic in the late nineteenth century.

The day before, her son G. had walked the dog and taken it back in the house. But as he turned away from the dog in the shadowy entrance hall, he realized that a woman was standing close behind him. Alas, he bolted for the door and did not engage her in cross-species chitchat.


  1. I never know what to think about ghosts, and other people's experience of them.
    I saw something many times, but it turned out to be an apparition of something in the future, rather than the past. Took me years before I twigged to that.

    Cooperstown sounds like just the sort of place for ghosts though!

  2. It must be because it certainly is!

    Yawn, I'm off to bed. People will have to go look on facebook if they want to see what we said about ghosts...


  3. Have you seen any in your house M? Paul, do tell about the future-vision.

  4. Robbi,

    A former owner of the house came down the stairs and stepped into the parlor, where she saw four children in old-fashioned clothes dancing in a ring. She turned to call up the stairs to call her husband; when she looked again, they had vanished.

    That's all I know...

    If you look on the facebook thread under this link, you'll see Yolanda Sharpe talks about singing in a nearby house with a ghost. And there are lots of anecdotes about Nashotah house in Wisconsin. And Paul says a thing or two about "seeing." I'll tell him there's a question.

    All very interesting...

  5. Robbi, the future vision was confusing to me for about a year until I could clearly detect that the clothing material was an impossible material that has not, and does not, exist. The qualities it possessed were beyond anything I had every been aware of - and the figures themselves were too... far ahead. Intelligent/knowing.

    Lots of layers (in the clothing) and I thought for a long time that it was 'past' clothing. Until I became more aware of it and felt it against my cheek.

    The last time I saw this was a few years ago in my home, but nothing since. Life is easier now : )

  6. 'Oblique'?

    I thought it most straightforward! HAHA!

  7. Haha, indeed! I have know you to be what I would call straightforward on this matter, which could, I suppose, itself be called oblique...


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