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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A somewhat silly post containing a rather silly caption

Nice picture, isn't it?
The photograph above shows the lively and lovely Susanna,
who was the subject of "I Interview My Visitors, no. 1."
She posted this picture on her blog yesterday.
She bought a copy of a book of poetry! Mine, as you can see.
The Throne of Psyche.
As we know, most human beings do not buy books of poetry.
In fact, this is such a rare (yet noble and generous) activity
that I really ought to post a picture of everybody
who buys a copy of my latest book...
I might even do just that,
if only I had a picture of each person who bought a book--
a picture as charming as this one.
Or a silly or funny picture would do.
I like silly or funny, and so does Susanna.
This has been a very long caption,
nearly in violation of the new federal government
regulations against long captions
(or if in violation, just a teeny-tiny bit in violation),
but it is now o-v-e-r.
I am still burnishing away on A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage, in between having an anniversary (today), giving a talk-with-readings (day before yesterday, and it went very well and sparked excitement of various sorts and even an invitation to speak elsewhere, so that's pleasant), going to see my youngest be tapped for the Order of the Arrow (last night at Crumhorn Mountain, with fires and dances and all sorts of shenanigans--and the sense of how beautiful it is to see little children grow up and become more and more themselves), answering many facebook well-wishers (because I have noted my anniversary and my little Arrowian), hunter-gathering at the farmer's market (this morning), and other vital activities having to do with being married and the mother of three children. Very soon, for example, I must schlep out of town (out of village--once upon a time we had an adorable movie theatre, but then it went away, alas) and take them to see the last in that long row of Potter movies.  And I will not be reading my manuscript by flashlight in the theatre because that makes the Other Patrons upset. Besides, no doubt there will be a lot of distraction such as whirlings-about-with-wands and blowings-up of crenellations and riding on a creepy blind dragon. I sense those things to come because I am a rather nice sort of mommy and read all of Harry Potter to child no. 3, who at barely fourteen is now quite a tall fellow, at least half a foot taller than me...

Somehow I am not progressing very fast on my final scrub of the book.  But when you haven't read a manuscript for a year, the little bumpy places are easy to find and polish. So that part is good. It's the time that's hard to find.

Oh, dear. My husband brought me a big fat mojito, just when I was going back to my manuscript...


  1. Wow! I am so glad you were pleased with the photo. I think people should start sending in their pics with the book. It's such a beautiful book. Your team of artists are really awesome and the book is truly inspired, you should be proud.

  2. Susanna, I think people would have to work hard to surprise me as much as you did! Maybe book with cartwheels? Book balanced on the end of a nose? Book on a stick used as parasol? Book flapping its wings through the air?

    I am very glad that you like it!

  3. It's a great photo. Maybe I'll ask Jeremy to take a picture of me reading the book. I don't know how silly it will be though.

  4. This is a nice photo, but photographs of people adoring, 'The Thing to that is Desired' (in this case, understandable) rather amuses me!
    I am reminded of the thousands upon thousands of photographs of women in the 1950's and 60's standing proudly next to their washing machines or vacuum cleaners, and guys proudly at the door to their new vehicle!

    Haven't visited Hogwarts for eons so I hope the old place lived up to expectations?

  5. The notion of you polishing your manuscript by torch-light in a cinema during the last Harry Potter film is something I shall cherish, even if it never really happened. Come to think of it though, if you wore a nice thick poncho and pulled it up over your head, you'd have your own portable writing tent and no-one could possibly take offence! What's not to like about that idea?

  6. Robbi,

    Well, if you're reading it, that probably won't be silly....

  7. Paul,

    Exactly so. I think it would make a really odd series of photos... Not that I really thought anybody would do it! But Robbi says she will.

  8. Clive,

    For once we have warm weather, and I am afraid a poncho might be rather uncomfortable...

    Still haven't gone, though. We shall see.

  9. I have an idea for it, actually... a yoga photo, appropriately enough. Let's see whether I can swing it.

  10. I can't wait to see robbi's photo! It's going to be awesome.

    The thought of you going over your manuscript at the theater is cool, all you need is a hat with some candles on it :o)

  11. Robbi has me thinking....
    I too have a fairly concrete idea!

  12. Susanna,

    I think that's a marvelous idea, but last I heard there is a fire code at theatres!

  13. Robbi,

    Yoga photo! Can't wait! Does it involve upside down-ness.

  14. Paul,

    Oh. Dear. Concrete? I think maybe a picture of you with the runaway concrete mixer and the book bounding behind you like Gizmo?

  15. When you said "I think people would have to work hard to surprise me as much as you did!" did you mean it? I dont know why. I was really proud to have the book and I wanted to show it off. Plus it was a virtual hug.

    I think having people send in photos is a real example of your genius. I think that could be real fun.

  16. I meant to add that I am so glad I can keep surprising you! that was a really awesome thing to say.

  17. Where, oh where is the 'like' button, Susanna!

  18. Susanna, the first of anything is always the most surprising isn't it? Thanks for the hug!

  19. And you are always surprising because full of life...

  20. It might. But if so, it has to wait till I go to a yoga studio with ropes in it. Otherwise, I can do a floor pose.

  21. Susanna,
    I think it's a charming photograph of you, and of the book of course.

  22. Robbi,

    As you like it! I never expected anybody else to join in, so--your choice!

    Susanna always looks charming, particularly with my book or a hat. Probably both.

  23. I've been ambushed and/or in hiding and so not really online much... but I noticed that big fat mojito. I hope you polished it off, and well!

  24. Luisa,

    Me too, a bit--just trying to get one big deadline finished and move on to others. But I thought of you when he brought the mojito! I would've split it with you, as it was fit for a giant!


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