Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pilfered from facebook--Laura Murphy Frankstone & "The Throne of Psyche"

Illustrations in this post:  a peek at Laura's paintings at her beautiful site, Laurelines. If you don't know it, you should! She is an artist who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (a place where I have lived three times in my life, and where my youngest child was born.) Oddly, I met her after I moved to Cooperstown, New York. Poet Jeffery Beam introduced me to her site years ago.

Marly Youmans' 'The Throne of Psyche'

by Laura Murphy Frankstone on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 4:26pm.

Just closed the covers of Marly Youmans' gorgeous new book of poems, 'The Throne of Psyche,' and, gosh, it was hard coming to again, on this hot July day. Here there're no freshets, no dryads. No one here uses words like auroral or boreal or louse-pickage. Truth told here doesn't pack a smart punch like Marly's. Ineffable, here, hardly ever happens. But there... oh, yes. I only meant to dip into the book for now, but once in, there was no way out but through. My advice to you: buy this book and read it. Poetry, in THIS world, needs all the support it can get. And, oh, that Clive HIcks-Jenkins cover---a brooding mix of Ucello, Thomas Hart Benton, and Chagall. Sublime.

The Throne of Psyche at Amazon
The Throne of Psyche at Powell's (indie)
The Throne of Psyche at your local independent bookshop (pick a store)
The Throne of Psyche direct from Mercer University Press
The Throne of Psyche at


  1. Have long admired Laura and her paintings!

  2. She is also wonderful in person! (As are the paintings. And the garden.)

  3. Gorgeous stuff, and as usual, well deserved praise for our own Ms. Marly.
    I thought about us moving to Chapel Hill as a compromise for Floyd, but it was too far away.

  4. Chapel Hill would be nice, or maybe Hillsborough. For that matter, Charlottesville... If you were thinking about mid-South college towns with a streak of culture.

    (Too far from Jeremy? From California?)

  5. Now that's an awesome review! (I need to learn Marlyist vocabulary for a more original word for awesome.)

  6. Charlottesville has neither my kind of synagogue nor my kind of yoga. But Chapel Hill and Charlotte have both.
    It's too late though; we bought our house here. And yes, it's too far from Jeremy.

  7. Dale, go visit Laurelines--lots more where those came from!

    marja-leena--I thank you for your sterling, bodacious, scrumptious, and all-around fantabuloso remark!

    Robbi--You are set, that is certain! I wouldn't go for Charlotte, myself, but Chapel Hill or Hillsborough: good by me.

  8. Clever, that mix of artists she mentions. I have at different times asked him about Ucello (his St. George and the Dragon in particular) and Chagall, but I hadn't though about Thomas Hart Benton. Interesting.

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  10. Lots more Laura where that came from (and, come to think of it, lots more me where mine come from as well.)

  11. Marly, you ARE a fast one! Of course, I knew this but, apparently, not well enough. Thank you and your readers for your very kind comments. SO hoping to see you in October!

  12. Bad memory: if I'm not fast, I risk forgetting!


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