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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inaugural honors...

Here is a picture of Robin Egg nesting
 in her natural environment.
I have the decided but slightly comical honor of being the subject of Robin Rudd’s first One Question Interview. (A mere two words:  that’s the comical part. I wonder what the next question will be.) Robin (a.k.a. Robin Egg) was one of my students when I was writer-in-residence at the Hollins M.F.A. program in children’s literature last summer. We used to walk the loop road around campus early in the morning, and she has kept up with me since—and she is altogether an endearing person to know or e-know via her blog, Robin Has An Idea.

You may fly to the interview at Robin Has An Idea here. And if you have something to say about the interview, please leave a comment there. Robin just turned her comments on at last! She needs to talk…

Here is a picture of Robin staring at a lost world.
And here is a picture of Robin Wood
(or Robin Hoodie)
in the Southern forests.


  1. Went there and loved your answers and poem, all Marlyesque. What a great interview. How wonderful to have had a 'student' like Robin.

  2. Robin, :)

    Dale, it is, isn't it? A pleasantly odd idea, the tiny, tiny interview question series.

    marja-leena, glad you liked them. You know, I did lots and lots of one on one meetings with students, and I didn't have a single one that I didn't enjoy. Remarkable, really!

  3. Also, I am really glad to see so many familiar faces on Robin's site and hope people will go back and explore...

  4. It is always nice to meet a new person, virtually or otherwise.


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