Saturday, July 23, 2011

Insomniac roundup

the cassandra pages

You may see another picture of me with Beth Adams and one of me signing the hardcover version of my new book, The Throne of Psyche, for her at the cassandra pages. And you can hear Beth muse about our visit and her home region and see images of the place as well. (If you are a Clive Hicks-Jenkins fan and look closely, you will see the two new books about him as well as his Equus book, spread out for Beth to see.)


Look at that! When you get up at 3:30 with raging insomnia and proceed to fold laundry, adjust fans and windows, tackle the mess, and finally noodle on the internet, you find surprises. Wandering socks, for one thing. Snoozy breathing everywhere. Cats flopped on cool floors.

A bookseller, children’s author, reviewer, teacher, playwright, director, and scholar, Vikki VanSickle has posted a late but very welcome review of The Curse of the Raven Mocker at Pipedreaming. She says such lovely things that I'll have to remember to stick a quote or two on my Raven Mocker page on my web site.

And did I remember to link to this one?

Zoe in Wonderland

Zoe talks about our big, beautiful Clive Hicks-Jenkins book, and she has also-lovely things to say about my part in it.  Here.

and Robin Has An Idea

Interesting that she picked this little snip from the "Why poetry" interview to post elsewhere: "To be like a magic room that grows bigger on the inside, where it matters." If you missed it and are up, insomniac (or slumbering happily now but awake later), be sure and go by and visit Robin.  Her blog is noodle-worthy!


  1. You're up too? Those pictures of you and Beth followed me around all day. But I'm going to sleep now, threads or no threads. I'll follow them later. Good night!

  2. Dale, got up at 3:30 and stayed up for three hours and then slept for another hour and a half. Then I got up because all the children are either working or volunteering for Hall of Fame weekend. I feel sorry for them! I went to pick up the birthday cake and some milk yesterday, and I had to avoid three accidents with confused tourists. And I avoided Main Street! It's wild out there.

    Followed you around? Nipping at your heels to get you to write more poems, I suppose!

  3. Fascinating blog comments on Clive's book. The blog itself is very worthy of note, beautiful. Always glad to discover more hidden worlds out there. Hope you got some sleep.
    It's actually cold here this morning. I put on shorts, but I think I'll have to change to pants.

  4. Susanna,

    Thanks for the advice! Should have gotten it about 3:30 a.m.


    Cold? How bizarre. The world is mad.

  5. Wow, congratualtions on all the reviews. What a productive insomniac you are! Were my sleepless nights as rich in rewards, though I'd probably not sleep at all with all that excitement :-)

  6. marja-leena,

    But I'd rather sleep and find out some other time! Thanks, though--it is pleasant to find that books are making their way in the world. Slowly, but still--

  7. Ah, yes. One of the great mysteries of life: wandering socks.
    Know just how you feel re tourists. The state fair is held just down the road every year...and we are supposedly a "getaway" spot for city folk on weekends. And ski country. It never ends. It is definitely a nutty world.

  8. zephyr,

    My children are out in the thick of it. One is working at the Baseball Hall of Fame (pity him!) Another is doing sidewalk sales and working inside a bookshop. The third is volunteering for the Clark Foundation.

    Trala, I am home and not going out. And just wrote a poem, too.

    All good.

  9. Marly! What has happened that has made you so open!!! you normally so private! You must be slap happy from your insomnia. Is this you in your house? I love the colors.

    I love feeling slap happy from the lack of sleep. The Urban dictionary defines slap term used to describe one's mood when sleep deprived or tired. Signs of being 'slap happy' include inane rambling, strange remarks, odd random behavior (such as giving oneself a wedgie), uncontrollable laughter at one's own jokes

  10. Susanna,

    Yep, that's me signing a copy of "The Throne of Psyche" for Beth Adams... I'm still private; it's just the merest peep. Though I suppose you could guess something about me from it. Books. Pictures. Info you could have guessed already.

    I have now had a nap and returned to what is in my case called "normal." And I shall not give myself a wedgie, despite the ominous definition!


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