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Friday, July 22, 2011

Meeting Beth Adams and Jonathan Sa'adah

Exclamatory caption:
Here are two women in black t-shirts and similar glasses!
They must be artists! Or twins! Or friends...
The shrimp is me. The non-shrimp is Beth Adams.
I am having a very busy week with deadlines--and today is the birthday of my firstborn child, trala, who is now the astounding age of 22--so I've skipped a day or two of posting. Today I am busy with picnic at Three-Mile Point and birthday celebrations of all sorts (and a deadline), so I'm going to share one of the pictures taken of me earlier in the week with Beth Adams (Phoenica Publishing of Montreal and qarrtsiluni and much else besides!) I'd share more, but they really belong to Beth and Jonathan, and I just imagine Beth will use them elsewhere.

In the background is the herringbone-patterned wall of the Pomeroy House, given by Judge William Cooper to his daughter and new son-in-law. Their initials and the date 1804 are set in stone under a side gable. It is, naturellement, haunted, and in fact has three ghosts--a kicking Indian in the wall, a man in tophat in a mirror, and an old lady in black who has on at least one occasion given directions.

It was lovely to have a long chat with Beth (and lots of raspberries and cream) while her husband, Jonathan Sa'adah, took photographs around the village. We talked about many things, including our upcoming book and family and people we have in common like Dave Bonta and Clive Hicks-Jenkins, and I got out my three beauteous Clive-books for her to see. She gave me a book; I gave her a book. Of course mine was my new book, The Throne of Psyche.

Jonathan showed up for more chat and more raspberries. (Yes, they are both interesting and loveable!) Then the three of us rambled up to Christ Church (renovated as a Gothic church by novelist James Fenimore Cooper after his return from Europe), where Jonathan took pictures of the Tiffany windows.

Once again, I had that odd sensation of already knowing and liking the person met for the first time because we already e-knew each other. And that, I think, is my favorite gift of the net:  meeting and joying in people.


  1. I was equally amused by the picture-resemblance, Marly! And hadn't noticed it at the time, because I was reveling in your uniqueness. It was a wonderful visit -- easy and relaxed and happy -- and I only wished we'd had more time because I'm sure we could have gone on talking well into the night.

  2. Fantastic to meet online friends that we 'e-knew' (love that word, Marly). We know Beth and Jonathan are both such warm and wonderful people, having met them in Montreal last year and thus relive that visit through your words. You've certainly had many amazing meetups this year, lucky lady!

    Happy Birthday to first born! (My youngest is a bit older than that so I reveal my age....).

  3. Yes, how fun! I would have so liked to be in on your shenanigans. I am sure it will happen :)

  4. On my droid: computer cable from Oneonta to Cooperstown has been cut. I will be more talky later...

  5. Hey, I guess they must have gone crazy replacing cable for Hall of Fame weekend because we are once again connected to the world.

    Hannah, yes!

    Beth, yes: next time!

    marja-leena--I did not start early, so no worry about revelations. Grand that you made it to the eastern part of the continent and meant them.

    Luisa: I have no doubt.

    Dale: :)

  6. The photograph you post shows so much friendly warmth between you.
    Have to love the internet, and all these lovely people!

    I read Beth's blog post also, and have a very clear idea of how your time went...

  7. You do look much alike! I am glad to hear that your meeting went well and feel curious about a ghost that gives directions. Happy birthday to Ben! My son will be 21 in August.

  8. Paul,

    Yes, it was a jolly visit! I'm glad she has a link to a place not so far away from me--rather unusual, that!


    You are welcome to get a black T-shirt and similar glasses and look like us as well!

    Happy birthday to these giant sons... outgrowing their little mothers.

  9. 22 on the 22nd! Belated birthday wishes to her! Thanks to you, I found Beth's blog and her world.. I feel very fortunate and I thank you, dear heart. It's easy to see why and how you enjoyed each other so much. Oh, btw, I love your room, the one in the pic. It's very you.

  10. Him! It's Benjamin who is 22... and thanks!

    Yes, I can imagine that you would like peeking into Beth's world as it combines a lot of things you like...

    And thanks. That is one of the rooms that always stays neat so there's some place to flee kid-mayhem. From another angle you can see that it's full of paintings and prints and drawings, so you would like it for that reason as well.

    Thank you for the facebook "note." I shall no doubt pilfer it and post it!


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