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Saturday, April 09, 2011

"The Marriage Bed" from THE THRONE OF PSYCHE

"Touched" by Clive Hicks-Jenkins
Cover and jacket image for The Throne of Psyche
(Mercer University Press, 2011)

Time for an excerpt from The Throne of Psyche: this passage is about halfway through the title poem. I thought maybe you needed a little drama, a little visit from Eros, a marriage of your Psyche-soul and Eros-body here at the start of the weekend...

The poem was originally published in Mezzo Cammin.


And if the palace seemed bewitching, how
Much more the bed, a marvel of the gods—
Like nothing for an earthly king and queen,
A lustrous treasure box packed up in silks,
Four-legged, each leg a tree of ebony.
As shadows slid across the windowsills,
Collecting in the corners of the room,
The trees began to send out wands and leaves,
Darkening the air with gleaming branches.
Whoever saw such freedom from the laws
Of earth? I stared, forgot to tremble in
My wonder as new tendrils wove a maze
Above a bed that glistened, beetle-black.
Unseen hands drew dusk across the portal
And windows, carried off the glowing lamp,
And strewed fresh petals on the inlaid floor.
If this was how my promised husband’s house
Received his bride, perhaps the feathered snake
—for so Apollo’s oracle foretold—
Could be more beautiful than I had dreamed,
If flying terror could be beautiful.
Shade took the room until I could not see.
A mimic springtime blossomed on each branch
As tiny stars shone out, began to crawl
And sometimes blink like phosphorescent bugs.

I fell asleep and shinned the olive tree
That waxed inside my mother’s garden walls
And heard a crinkling of the leaves that spoke
Oracular to me of love and fate,
But where was dream and where the waking world
I hardly knew, and when the feathered snake
Came wooing with eternal promises,
I let him hold me in his arms that seemed
More like a man’s than like a serpent’s grasp.
Yet fear is strange: at times he seemed all scales
That snagged against the linen of my gown,
At times he seemed as yielding as a child.
I woke to find that what I dreamed was true—
The rustle of his wings was like the leaves,
The arms that pinned me close were like a man’s,
Although no man could emanate such fire,
A darkness glowing in the chamber’s pitch.
But what did I, long sheltered in my home,
Know of the ways of monsters or of men?
A tree of nerves sprang into trembling life
Inside this body that the world desired
But never knew—the starry insects swarmed
Among the maze of limbs and multiplied
Until the dark was pricked with flecks of light
That gave no seeing to my open eyes.
The snake kept winding on the tree of me—
I flashed with nervous fire from root to leaf
And shivered as my gown was tugged aside.
A rush of wood: new saplings broke the floor
And forested the chamber, wild with growth.
The room dissolved as floor was changed to earth
And roof transformed to sky and swarming stars.
In midnight’s wilderness my lover struck
Asunder all my childhood’s innocence—
The little stars went shrieking through the wood
As jet-black trees contracted, splintered, fell.

I lay within a nest of shattered twigs.
A shape with wings was sobbing on my breast,
Some wall between us battered down to dust.
I touched the face invisible to me.
His serpent pinions beat convulsively.

***Available via Indie Store Finder (find an independent store near you), Amazon, and other outlets, etc. We appear to be in the very end of the pre-order period.


  1. Oooh, this is just marvelous, so rich in magic, detail and mood that I've had to come back and read it again. I can see why Clive's art meshes with yours. Thanks for sharing, Marly.

  2. Hi marja-leena,

    Just got back from an art show in Earlville (many windy roads between here and there) and am glad to find that you liked it and see something kindred with Clive. A good compliment!

  3. My sentiments, exactly, Marj-leena! Wonderful stuff! Deliciously creepy.

  4. Is the book out yet Marly? Have you a copy displayed prominently on a table in your house so that all who pass may see it? I long to have one now, to read from cover to cover and then put on my Marly-shelf! (-;

  5. Clare,

    Thank you for reading and being creeped out, Clare! Glad it was "deliciously."


    Not yet! I know it was supposed to ship from mills on the 25th, but I don't know from there. They were going to try and get me a copy for my library event on the 7th, but I have seen no sign of it as yet.

    Looking at these notes from you and Clare, I feel excited about Wales!


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