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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Alice, Peg, and Marly at the Cooperstown Village Library
Update:  Thanks to everyone who turned out--Peg, Alice, and I had a blast (and not just at dinner!) Grand questions, interesting ideas, and 31 in the audience makes quite a respectable crowd in little Cooperstown.

On the 7th, Thursday, at the Cooperstown Village Library: come by a chance to yack with novelists Alice Lichtenstein and Peggy Leon.  The three of us are going to dinner beforehand, it seems. And then we are to talk about whatever you like--I posted that piece of news on facebook about a minute ago and already have requests: Julie says "paisley"; David says "what David Rondinelli wants for his birthday" (Julie responds with "Tinker Toys"); Lisa says "accidental birds"; Esther is thinking about Tinker Toys and toe jam (that must be an obscure David reference.) 

With that start, I can see that we will have a wild time on Thursday. Luckily or unluckily, none of those suggestions come from Cooperstonians.

Oh, and if you're looking for today's installment in "The House of Words," drop down one post, if you please.


  1. I won't be able to make it. But whatever you discuss, please use the word "erstwhile" often and with vigor during the discussion.

  2. Great, Gary. I will try and work "erstwhile" in among the paisley accidental birds and Tinker toys and puff pastry stuffed with toe jam.

  3. Puff pastry with toe jam? Eww. :)


  4. Julie,

    Okay, so that was a little exaggeration. There wasn't any puff pastry. ;-)

  5. My response exactly, Julie. Though one would have to harvest the jam of many toes to stuff that pastry. Quite a job.

  6. Might have to add those summer dirt-bead necklaces that kids get when it's a scorcher and they play outside. Maybe kids don't do that anymore, though. They go inside and have some nice mediated air.

  7. My favorite request so far: novelist Lucius Shepard double dares me to talk about "his essence" and "the four kingdoms of the North."



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