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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

House of Words (no. 22): Dave Bonta and internet publishing, 3


Dave Bonta, "Birch leaf in ice"

DB:  I was also pushed to do other creative things to feed the blog, such as take photos, which I hadn't done since I was a kid. And the direct ancestor to my microblog, The Morning Porch, was a daily writing exercise at Via Negativa called Words on the Street, where I had this cartoon I'd drawn of a bum holding a sign, and every day I wrote a new message for the sign. Again, the push to come up with new content every day was transformative.

Over time I've accumulated new tools for organizing content, such as the software plugin I use for series at Via Negativa, and as new projects suggest themselves, I have to consider carefully whether they deserve a new site or can be integrated into something I'm already doing — and, crucially, whether I really have time for something else. Bringing out print editions of my poetry is farther down the priority list.
Dave Bonta, "Luna moth with harvestman"


  1. Wonderful picture of that luna; what's a "harvestman" though?

  2. Daddy longlegs, visible at top of photo. There's a larger version on Flickr, here.

  3. When I was little, people in my maternal family in Georgia always played that little game where you ask the Daddy Longlegs where his sheep are... And then he points with his wobbly, wobbly leg.

    Looking back, I wonder: that must have been an ancient game! Very old-fashioned.


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