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Monday, May 04, 2020

LOL (lots of links)

A illustration by Galen Dara for one of my stories.
Because certain foreign readers (in countries with some difficulty in affordable book ordering) wanted to read more of my poems and stories, I have updated my record on my Short stories and poems page.

Though I tend to be a bit careless about record-keeping, I've added stories and poems, and I have added a lot of links. I hope that people enjoy some of these...

I've also added a section of what I call Tinies, and that section will have more links as some of these appear--ten will be coming out in the next ten months at North American Anglican.

Note for those who use I don't know what's going on with Bookshop, but my books have suddenly become hard to bring up by search there. I'll try and have them sort it out, but in the meantime, you can go directly to my own Bookshop page to search. They don't have all of my in-print books, but there are six: 


  1. I wonder if Bookshop has an envious poet doing its administrative chores.

    1. A trickster! They're searchable again... Never were gone, just not findable...

      Nothing sadder than a truly envious poet... Well, there are sadder things, but that is a sad thing!


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