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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Charis reviews, new poems, and more

Charis in the World of Wonders reviews

Greg Langley, The Baton Rouge Advocate: 
23 May 2020

Ben Steelman, The Wilmington StarNews:  
16 May 2020

Here's a blog review by Cat Hodge

Podcast review

Text clip:  What really makes this novel good is the interior life of the protagonist. She's an interesting character, and with a very rich, beautiful interior monologue... There is a sensitivity of  language; the language is beautiful without being overwrought... It's lovely,  it's captivating, it's beautiful. --Melanie Bettinelli, Raising the Betts podcast #051 (begins 38:25 mark), StarQuest Media Network /

New poems online

Three, including a commissioned pandemic poem... 
Thank you to The Living Church (Episcopal) for requests.

Smalls and Tinies

The next ten months will see ten miniature 
stories or story-like things
at North American Anglican
Here's the first: Iolanthe


Several at The Ballsians 
(youtube channel)

And more at my own site

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