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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Interviews, videos, and more--


There's a long new Charis in the World of Wonders interview, one with lots of pictures that Chris Rice Cooper has put together. Some are things she requested, some are things she quarried online. She asked lots of questions, and there's an excerpt as well.  If you're a nosey sort (who isn't curious?), you might like to take a look around, as there are glimpses of my bedroom, kitchen, dining room, writing room, etc. Hop here


Here's a piece by Brynna Carpenter-Nardone at the Cathedral of All Saints in Albany, New York... It's about my poetry, mostly, but I expect all visibility helps at the moment... The piece is on the cathedral blog and goes out to subscribers as well. Today was supposed to be The Hidden Cathedral Poetry Conference (Cathedral Arts series from The Cathedral of All Saints, Albany, New York, and I was to be keynote speaker), but it has been postponed a  year:


I've turned my blog post, "Books for young boys who read at a high level," into a list at Some books were not available at the site and are missing, but I've added new ones as well. And I've made several other lists--one of my in-print books (missing The Book of the Red King, alas), one of some (maybe more when I feel energetic!) favorite rereads, and one of books by friends and acquaintances. These are but works in progress, and may grow. Bookshop does not have every book I think to add, but I expect it, too, will be growing.

RECENTLY NOTED: interview, poems, video


"Q and A with Marly Youmans, Author of Charis In The World Of Wonders" - interview at Women Writer, Women's Books  11 April 2020


Excerpt (the first appearance of Hortus) from Charis in the World of Wonders at Women Writers, Women's Books  3 April 2020

POEMS, text and video

"Mystic Journey," "Jane Eyre in the Red Room," "The Plum Oak Pot," and "The Hand" (audio and text) at Pete Candler's pandemic project, A New DecameronThe first and last poems are blank verse; the other two are part of a sequence of poems influenced by Hebrew parallelism and Yoruban praise traditions: art has always been a Silk Road. Thanks to Pete for a request.

* "Plague-spell" and "Death of a Singer" at The Living Church (Episcopal/Anglican Communion) 19 April 2020 issue. Thanks to editor Fr. Mark Michael for his request. I'm afraid you have to have access to a print issue on this one.

* "The Homunculus" from The Book of the Red King (video) at The Ballsians on youtube: here.


  1. Tis a big wide bedroom. Space enough to position the chest-of-drawers crosswise and then some. Is the little brown lidded box made of soapstone and why am I asking this question? Do I even know what soapstone is?

    Our bedhead was custom-made. Upholstered to support our ancient heads in blissful easefulness. You have opted for something more stoical but then perhaps you never sit up in bed. Why bother with that intermediate state? To sit up is a two-second event en route to re-becoming homo erectus, ready to be busy about your business.

    Our bedside lights are modern, functional and soulless. Our eyes are failing and style has to be anathema; light we need and not in its metaphorical state. Enlightenment we'll find in the books we read, made clearer by light shed by the bedside lights. That's a lot of light.

    As to your writing room we are poles apart. What I require are acres (hectares if you prefer) of horizontal surface on which to scatter meaningless sheets of paper. I mean, how else can one create atmosphere? My monitor screen is huge, the better to attend to detail. Especially French detail. At a very early stage I learned in that language it's the short words that kill you, notably y on its own, known as i-grecque.

    It's been a privilege to tour your externals. I look forward to a sequel in which I pass quietly yet awesomely through the workings of your brain. Knowing there will be revelations.

  2. I did once have a soapstone box... But do not now. You mean the little oval one? It's one of those pieces made from fungus-infected heartwood... At least the sides are. Not sure about the rest. Basswood?

    My back hurts afterward if I lean on that headboard! I'm just sentimental and put up with it--my marriage bed! Obtained very cheaply at some auction or yard sale in the far north. The lamp in that picture was $5. at a church rummage sale.

    I shall console you about my writing room. I took those pictures when it was organized and new. I wouldn't dare take a picture now, haha!

    What a relief that you may not tour the labyrinths of my brain... Every labyrinth has resident monsters! And lovely young men and women fleeing from the Minotaur. And silly graffiti on the walls.


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