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Saturday, March 14, 2020


Art by Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Sunny California

I had a wondrous time at Fujimura Institute with Joe Gallagher, Makoto Fujimura, Pete Candler, Jia Kim, Esther Meek, Curt Thompson, and Shann Ray. And some other in-residence Fujimura Fellows. Writers, filmmakers, philosopher, neuropsychiatrist, painter, cellist! Many chats, interviews, and a concert...

Most of all, thank you to Joe and Mako for inviting me. Thanks to writer Kristen Havens and actor Keisuke Hoashi for picking me up at LAX and taking me to dinner in Culver City and showing me their interesting life. Thanks to Dea Jenkins for a ride back to LAX. Thanks to Stephen Dudro for showing me around the Huntington and gardens on my first day before events began, and to Joe for taking me to the Norton Simon Museum in a free hour. Thanks to Eric Tai for the hand-drawn map, and to Julia for the kintsugi workshop.

And I flew home and caught a bug along the way, alas, but it does not seem to be The Bug.

Lady Word of Mouth

I am planning to pay more attention to my Lady Word of Mouth site in this time of launch and event cancellations, and hope you will as well. Just yesterday my keynote talk and workshops were canceled in Albany, and I am sure many such planned or tentatively planned events are simply not going to happen. Please give some extra love to writers, artists, and indie filmmakers in this peculiar time. Today a page for Sally Thomas's new book, Motherland, went up. Please take a look!

St. Patrick's Day Pandemic Book Launch

On facebook, I posted an imaginary book launch for Tuesday, when my novel, Charis in the World of Wonders, will be released. Ignatius has bumped up the pub date, and so perhaps they are hoping for the good interventions of the saint! That would surprise Charis, the Puritan girl, I expect...

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