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Friday, May 06, 2016

Dolls are strange

Poem by, well, me.
From The Throne of Psyche. Mercer, 2011.
Video by Paul Digby.
What a quirky thing!


  1. my old computer developed a hiccpup(doggie talk) so i couldn't follow your poem too well... you have a nice, though. voice, i mean...

  2. Until now I'd toyed with recording my singing voice. Something heroic and (v.v. important) foreign. Say:

    Die ihr der Wanderer Schritte lenket,
    Stärkt mit Geduld sie in Gefahr

    Not a hope. How carefully calculated you are (as Beckett said about Joyce - "(letting) the words do the work for him.") And then there's "doll" with its multi-syllabic vowel, which speaks of your origins, and is by now thank goodness ineradicable. You have done this sort of thing before and I'm bush league.

    Try it again, half speed. Think Eliot without the world-weariness, but I could be wrong. Your mind moves at a fair clip and I remind myself this is both you and the poem; you're the poet confident enough to use the phrase "home sweet home" and not sound corny. But starting with "Once upon a time" suggests you might be reading for a child. Oh what the heck do I know? Let it be.

    Me and microphone? Thumbs down!

    1. You do me too much kindness (i.e. give me too much credit.) I'm afraid that I have tended to be too unguarded and without calculation in many things.

      And at the same time, too self-conscious. I didn't like to hear a recording of my voice for years, and I still don't like it much. In truth, I do not blame you for not making a recording.

      I'll think about that opener. And I can't remember if that is the original speed. Paul tinkers with the audio. But I shall try it with a different pace some time!


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