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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Brazil interview for Maze of Blood

Art by Clive Hicks-Jenkins.
Design by Mary-Frances Glover Burt.
Mercer, fall 2015

Suzanne Brazil interviewed me about Maze of Blood for Women Writers, Women's Books. And as she did when interviewing me when Glimmerglass appeared, she asked interesting questions. You can find the brand new interview here. (See the note about Suzanne at the foot of the interview--she's a busy lady.) Thank you to Suzanne!

Interview for Maze of Blood at Women Writers, Women's Books

Interview for Glimmerglass at Blogcritics part one and part two 
or The Seattle Post-Intelligencer part one and part two

Art, Clive Hicks-Jenkins
Design, Mary-Frances Glover Burt


  1. Lovely interview!

    Was the colleague who asked you if the world needed another poem a university faculty member, perchance? If so...oy.

    1. Indeed, he was--although a good friend who probably meant little by it, and never would have thought that his words would affect me so. I credit him for making me a fiction writer with those words!

  2. The world can never have enough poems and stories. So there!

    Note that I have begun a different blogging adventure/focus (which is further evidence of my insanity but my endless need to find a clean, well-lighted place):

    1. Am reading for a class this morning but will check it out later. Yes, you are a grasshopper!


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