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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Cephalopodish at TerraNullius (Italy)

More than a year ago I posted about some tiny stories starring cephalopods. Though I've written quite a few miniature stories of late, I haven't sent them out, and so it's entirely to the credit of Italian poet Alessandra Bava that these appear in Italy's TerraNullius. I love being asked. Thank you, Alessandra.

Need octopi and cuttlefish in your day? Jump in here.

What's that? That's the w-shaped eye of a cuttlefish looking at you, courtesy of Wikipedia.


  1. The clerihew was very funny. Pontoppidan is a funny name.

  2. This is weird, wonderful fun.

    A few years ago, I over-researched the octopus for a bit of light verse. The speculative debates about the nature of their consciousness and intelligence are (and this is a word I use sparingly) fascinating.


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