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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Running with the Amazons

That interesting formal poet, A. M. Juster, just tweeted a link to a writer talking about Amazon: "if you've left me a review on or or any of the other amazons you can be sure that I've read the review and thought about it and that those reviews have a surprisingly important impact both to book buyers and to editors." Huh. "Surprisingly important impact both to book buyers and to editors." So go comment. I don't, usually. But maybe I should start.


  1. I'm concluding from Facebook responses that Adrian McKinty's remarks hit home with others--and one comment was from a writer and housemate of his, back in Oxford. The internet is so strange, collapsing time and space.

  2. I have long had a love-hate relationship with Amazon. I love the inventory, service, and comments/reviews; but I hate the fact that it has made so many neighborhood bookstores distant memories. I wish I could reconcile the paradox/problem. It seems, though, that authors really need everything Amazon represents and offers.

    1. It seems especially important for the self-published. And even indie bookstores use it for reference--or so at least one owner had told me.


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