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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The joy of lists....

Books and Culture Favorite Books of 2014

Thanks to Books and Culture and its wide-ranging reader, John Wilson, editor, for another spot on Books and Culture's annual Favorite Books list. I am grateful that John Wilson ranges so very widely that he discovered and read my books some years ago, and that the magazine continues to support them. It's an interesting list, with Christopher Beha, Ayelet Waldman, Paul Celan, Michael Robbins, and Emily St. John Mandel among the poets and writers.

Weird Fiction Book List

The online Weird Fiction Review asked me for a list of three favorite books from 2014, and I have obliged. You may find the list (with one extra) here. Thanks to David Davis for asking. 2014 was not an especially great year for reading at my house; instead, it seemed to be an entirely-too-great year for being away from home and wild ferrying trips. I am looking forward to a month off from book events with only some child-ferrying trips... and so shall start next year with some extra reading and rereading. Joy!


  1. Thank you for sharing the "weird list" and the B&C list. The lists come just in time. My last two postings at B/E are evidence that I am -- once again with my OCD and M/D tendencies -- thrashing about for "lists" that I can use as I self-consciously navigate the churning maelstrom of my day-to-day irks and quirks. Now, without further delay, I must adjourn to both of the links you have offered. I will browse contentedly for quite a while this a.m. Bye for now.


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