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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Confetti! And an invite...

A piece from the deployment series...
This one always seems to me a link
to her prior series with cutaway houses,
as well as relating to all the screens and
portals in the deployment series...
the figure in the window in the next house,
the reflection in the window...
Had a lovely, well-attended reading-interview-QandA at the Village Library of Cooperstown--any time they have to get out more chairs, it's a good thing! The group was jolly and asked lots of questions, and we ran over an extra half hour. Thank you, good Cooperstonians and librarian Dave Kent, who organizes and runs the Round Table series.

I dashed over the wrestling meet beforehand but unfortunately they started at the 145-weight, and so my youngest son was last to wrestle. And by that time I was at the library... But he pinned his opponent, so that was great. So congratulations to him, and to Ashley Cooper's youngest son, who was in modified wrestling at a Little Falls meet and got his first pin ever!

Regional friends, please don't forget that on Sunday Ashley and I are doing an Open House (till we run out of Glimmerglass books, anyway) and Open Studio event on Lake St. in Cooperstown. The invitation can be viewed here. 

* * *

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